Entry protocol for volunteers, students, interns Rescue Center PETEN

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Guatemala has put in place some regulations to enter the country, and ARCAS has also put some regulations to protect our staff, interns, volunteers and visitors. Please note the following document, and look for further updates as this is an on going situation. Stay safe, stay healthy, hoe to see you here soon.

Updated: May 15th, 2021

1. Meet the migration requirements:

  • a. Required by Guatemalan authorities: PCR / Antigen test performed within 72 hours prior to traveling to Guatemala to enter the country, OR certificate of recovery from covid within the last 3 months, OR certification of full vaccination protocol finished 10 days prior to arrival. Information in Spanish: https://igm.gob.gt/protocolo-de-ingreso-al-pais-covid19/.
  • b. Use of a mask during your trip to Guatemala
  • c. Use of a mask during your movements within Guatemala


2. Requirements to enter ARCAS

a. Documentation:

  • i. Copy of COVID test results
  • ii. Passport copy
  • iii. Payment copy

b. It is recommended to have international health insurance

c. If you have been longer in Guatemala for longer than 7 days, a negative COVID test from a recognized laboratory will be required, no longer than 48 hours prior to entering the center.

d. Vaccination does not exempt you from the obligations of coexistence detailed below.


3. Presence within ARCAS

a. Use of a mask is MANDATORY in areas of public use

b. Use of a mask is MANDATORY when leaving the Rescue Center

c. Maintenance of social distancing

d. You will be asked to SIGN a release form regarding the time spent at ARCAS and a COVID-19 waiver form

e. Working in enclosures:

  • i. Wearing of a mask is MANDATORY in food preparation area
  • ii. If you are training with another person, masks are MANDATORY inside the enclosure area
  • iii. Masks are MANDATORY within the enclosure area
  • iv. When going out to the public use area, the use of a mask is MANDATORY
  • v. Respect the limits of occupancy in specific areas of the center

f. Veterinary Students

  • i. Mandatory mask in all practices
  • ii. Mandatory mask in theory classes

g. Follow the weekly guidelines of monitoring and prevention recommendations issued by ARCAS staff


4. Accommodation

a. If we have fewer than 10 people (volunteers/students) registered at the Rescue Center, accommodation will be 1 person per room.

b. If we have more than 10 people (volunteers/students) registered at the Rescue Center, accommodation will be double occupancy.

Occupants will be allocated by date of arrival to Guatemala (negative COVID test) and date of arrival at ARCAS. In the case of occupancy of double room, volunteers who have arrived within 5 days of each other will be housed together.

c. Individual eating utensils and cutlery will be provided by ARCAS


5. Presentation of symptoms during your stay at ARCAS

a. Mandatory COVID test for the following symptoms:

  • i. Loss of senses of smell and / or taste
  • ii. Sore throat and headache
  • iii. Fever over 38 ° C
  • iv. Fatigue and breathing problems (except known medical conditions)
  • v. The COVID test will be in the laboratories indicated by the Rescue Center

b. Isolation, individual accommodation, you can only go out to collect meals from kitchen and / or medical requirements

c. If you are in a double room, roommate will also be tested, and separation will be immediate

d. Tests, medical expenses, and pharmacy are the responsibility of the volunteer / student


6. Responsibilities of ARCAS

a. Availability of alcohol gel in key places (entrance to the dining room, entrance to living  areas, entrance and exit of the Rescue Center)

b. Guide to trusted testing laboratories, doctors and pharmacies, medical care and purchasing

c. Logistical support to leave the center due to medical conditions

d. Staff will update weekly on recommendations for local coexistence and in areas outside the Rescue Center

e. Regular cleaning and disinfection of room and eating areas

7. Recognized laboratories by ARCAS in Guatemala for COVID testing (positive cases and/or entry to ARCAS after 7 days in Guatemala).

We ONLY recognize the laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health in Guatemala, according to the list available in:

https://www.mspas.gob.gt/index.php/noticias/covid-19/coronavirus-2019-ncov under subsection “Laboratorios autorizados para pruebas COVID-19”

8.  ARCAS is not responsible for any medical expenses while onsite.

we can provide support and information, but all costs and followups are at the responsibility and expense of the volunteer/student/intern.

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