Perhaps the most satisfying work at the Center are the animal releases which we carry out 2-6 times per year. Volunteers may assist in these releases depending on time and space availability if the release is off site. All volunteers are able to participate in onsite releases.

The number of animals at the center varies depending on the time of year (breeding/trafficking season is April-July) however there is constant work all year round for volunteers working in the enclosures with the animals. The amount of work varies depending on how many volunteers are at the center, however when we have more volunteers we take advantage of any down times we have to do maintenance, or small project work to improve the center.

In addition, volunteers are encouraged to develop their own individual projects. If you see potential for such a special project, let us know and we will work with you to translate that idea into practice. In the past, volunteers have taken on projects such as developing interpretive exhibits and trails, studying the behaviors of animals in the Center and conducting educational activities in neighboring schools. It’s great to have ideas, but sometimes the difficult part is translating those ideas into practice.

Please read our “Peten Volunteers Guidelines” for more Information about Volunteering in Peten.

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